Attorney Profile/Biography

marinello law rhode islandAttorney Marinello has 15 years of experience, both in and out of the courtroom. She has practiced before both State and Federal courts and administrative bodies in both Rhode Island and Massachusetts.  A native of Rhode Island, Attorney Marinello now primarily concentrates her practice in Rhode Island.

After graduating from Suffolk University Law School in 1998, where she served on the editorial board of the Transnational Law Review, she began her career in Boston, concentrating on civil litigation.  Attorney Marinello represented and advised local companies, both large and small, on premises liability, personnel, and employment discrimination matters. She also represented insurers and self-insureds in personal injury cases.

Upon returning to Rhode Island in 2000, Attorney Marinello continued her practice as a civil litigator.  She represented insurance companies in personal injury, premises liability, and product liability cases. She later turned her focus on business litigation, representing several small to medium-sized local businesses in State and Federal courts.

When an opportunity arose to apply her skills and interests to a position with a federally-funded non-profit law firm, Attorney Marinello achieved a long term goal of providing legal representation to children.  As a staff attorney, she was charged with advancing the legal rights of individuals with disabilities, including children.  Attorney Marinello has always been interested in advocating for children’s rights. While a law student, Attorney Marinello completed an internship with the Honorable Judge Bedrosian in the Family Court and worked as a Domestic Violence Victim’s Witness Advocate.

In special education cases, Attorney Marinello puts her years of litigation experience to use, crafting practical, yet compassionate, solutions to very personal matters. She has helped numerous children with special needs, and their families, self-advocate to take steps to protect their rights. When more than advice is needed, Attorney Marinello attends IEP and 504 meetings, mediations, and Resolution Sessions. She also files appropriate complaints and appeals, including Petitions for interim “stay put” orders, Due Process Complaints, and State Complaints. In addition,  represents families in their efforts to address the special health care needs of their children, from securing prescription coverage, to filing Medicaid-related appeals.

Attorney Marinello concentrates on the areas for which she not only has expertise, but passion; children and adults with special needs and small businesses. At first glance, these areas of practice may not seem to intersect. In reality, the core legal need is the same: practical, efficient, and solution-oriented legal representation. The needs of a family with a child who has special education issues and the needs of small businesses are similar in that they each have very particular and generally, urgent, concerns. Attorney Marinello tailors the representation of each matter to match the client’s goals, objectives, and budget.